For a successful multi-lingual event apart from professional interpreters you will need quality

 conference equipment up to the international standards, maintained by competent technicians.



  We use the interpreting- and discussion systems of DIS Danish Interpretation systems – a producer of over 50 years of experience in the manufacturing of conference equipment. If you are interested in the details you can call us or visit the page. The room sound is be provided with the professional series of JBL (USA) and Saundcraft(UK), etc.

We provide the complete equipment: microphones, boosters, transmitters, receivers, loud speakers, multimedia projectors and anything else, which might be needed for the success of your event.
Our technicians take care for the smooth functioning of the technical systems thus the risk of amateur meddling is avoided.

We offer fully portable equipment, which is easy to install and extremely reliable in oll types of rooms: special-purpose conference rooms or last-minute adapted spaces.

Simultaneous interpreting needs special equipment, which includes interpreter’s set, microphone, language distributor and delegate’s receivers with earphones.

If you organize round-table discussion (Geneva type) you will need a discussion system, which includes one microphone set for each participant